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26 Nov

TV's Hottest Hats

It is no secret on HatsRCool.com that Hat fashion is having it's greatest resurgence in decades. It's on the streets, the big screen, the music arena, and on the small screen. Here are a few hats that have been pointed out to me recently. Bomer, who plays a former conman turned FBI agent, has been seen wearing a grey short brimmed fedora or a black Indiana Jones style large-brimmed fedora. Although "White Collar" is set in modern times, they wear a stylish conservative attire that is a throwback to 50's and 60's fashion. . . .
  • Matt Smith of BBC's Doctor Who
People have been getting some glimpses of the cast of Doctor Who, as they are filming the Series 6 of the award-winning Science Fiction show. Apparently, the opening episodes have the Doctor wearing a large Cowboy Hat for the episodes. I'm not sure what Cowboy hats have to do with time travel or starcrafts, but it's obviously a strong fashion statement the BBC show is sending.
  • My absolute favorite: John Hamm of AMC's Mad Men
John Hamm pulls off "Don Draper", the debonair 1960's Ad executive perfectly. And a huge part of the look is the incredible fedoras he wears. In winter months, it's the larger brimmed fedoras, like an Indiana Jones hat. In summer months, it's the stingy brimmed fedoras that finish the look. If you know of some great hats on TV, let me know and I'll feature them so you can get a glimpse of the fashions that are coming off the small screen.

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