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28 Mar

Why So Serious With Your Hats?

Posted by 1 in funny
Hats can have so many different functions. They can be ceremonial (like the silly hats we wear once for graduation), they can be stylish (like the ones Frank Sinatra wore), or they can be strictly functional like protective sun hats. But do hats really have to be so serious all the time? Can hats just be fun?  Of course they can and one of the best ways to learn how to have fun is to watch the way that kids do things. A lot of the way that kids learn is by being creatively challenged to have fun with things that really aren't that fun to begin with. Take a piece of newspaper for example. When you think of reading the news, "fun" is usually the last thing that comes to your mind (that is unless you are reading the funnies). But what does a kid see when they are being creatively challenged to have fun with a piece of newspaper? It could be a silly hat or a boat or part of a tent of a hundred other things that their imaginations can come up with. Of course you can buy children's hard hats but it can be more fun when they make things themselves. I'm not saying that adults don't like to have fun. Everyone loves to have fun. But what about having a little fun with your hat? Ever heard of a ugly sweater party? You know when people throw a part around Christmastime and every wear the ugliest looking sweater they can find? Why not have a funny hat party? Find the ugliest hat that you can in your dad's closet or your grandma's wardrobe and wear it with pride! You could even wear a hat to spice up your everyday life. Perhaps a silly hat Friday would add a little fun to that really boring office environment that you work in. Of course it may be hard for you to not laugh if your typically stiff and straight-laced boss decided to throw on a pink cowboy hat. Hats can mean many things but often times as adults we just forget about how fun it is to wear different hats. If you're a stay at home mom, throw on a camo hard hat and have a lego fight with your kids. Who knows? I'm sure you can come up with many ways to make life a little more fun by wearing silly hats. I am all for style and functionality but you can't forget about having a fun every now and then too.

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