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30 Apr

Crazy Kentucky Derby Hats

The Kentuck Derby is coming up in just a few days and while I've never been to one or even watched it on t.v. there is one thing that everyone knows about it: there will be hats. Next to the actual races there is nothing that comes to mind more than celebrities wearing crazy hats while drinking their mint juleps in Millionaire's Row. Surely there will be some derby hats in the audience alongside what look like giant sun hats with crazy feathers and colors on it.  While the women do wear quite elaborate, bold, and gaudy hats, it's the men that I find to be truly entertaining. It's obvious that for most men being the most stylish is not the goal. Being funny and awesome seems to be what is on most men's mind (and on top of their heads). Just check out this gallery here of some of the great hats that men wear. It really got me wondering how much time these guys spend on making these things? I'm assuming that they make them themselves because I'm pretty sure you would have a hard time convincing your wife or girlfriend to make a cowboy hat out of a Coor's Light box. But who knows? Maybe some women are into that kind of craftiness? It's funny how these kinds of traditions last over all these years. It seems like if you can get a whole bunch of people to get together and do something silly together they will make it a tradition and keep doing it for years. As long as everyone is being stupid then anyone can. Not that I'm saying we shouldn't do these kinds of things, it actually looks really fun. It's kind of like being a kid again. If you ever sit around with a bunch of kids and watch the way that they play you'll notice that the most important thing to them is what the other kids are doing. If everyone is doing something they have to do it to. If they can't participate that's when the trouble starts. If all the kids are wearing hard hats except for one there is bound to be trouble. So perhaps silly hats are just a way for grown ups to take a break from being so serious and just play like they used to. If only it was that simple because grown ups have a hard time playing anything without attaching some kind of labels or hierarchy system. But maybe for a day everyone will have fun

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