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24 May

Summer Hats for Men

For most men nowadays there really is only one hat and that is the baseball cap. We've even talked about how the baseball cap has become the most popular hat in the world (and for good reason). You can wear it just about anywhere and anytime these days that casual attire is acceptable. But there has to be more for men besides the baseball cap and we're going to talk about some other options that are specifically related to the summer months. I'm not talking about Tilley hats for going on Safari's but things that may actually look good on you on the street. One thing that I thin is key is to wear hats that look like they should be worn in the summer. Don't wear beanies and knitted hats when it's 90 degrees out. You may think it's cool but most people are probably just wondering if something is wrong with you. So let's try to keep you head protected from the sun and at the same time expand your fashion vocabulary with these hats below: 1. The Straw Fedora Forgot Indiana Jones hats for a while and throw on a straw fedora. This hat will always be classy but will look and feel even better during the hot summer months when it's made from straw. Keep cool and look even cooler. 2. The Cowboy Hat This one is definitely not for everyone but can work really well for the right person. Try not to go overboard by wearing the boots with it, (unless you are a real cowboy of course), because then it will start to look more like a costume as opposed to a fashion statement. This one is really great for blocking the sun and might be better for those who are a little more laid back in a country kind of sense. 3. Porkpie I've always like the Porkpie and feel like it's a great alternative to the fedora.While the fedora is very classy the porkpie seems not quite so fancy but more relaxed and casual. They look great with summer attire, especially when made from straw like this one from Kangol.   So there you have it. Three ideas for fashionable headwear that you can add to your head covering repertoire. Just remember, just because it works for someone else doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you and vice versa. Style is a very personal thing but once you find your own you really start to feel like more of yourself.
13 May

Love the Sun with a Hat On

The sun is finally starting to show it's face around the Seattle area and nothing makes me happier. You really can't beat the weather around here when it's sunny which got me thinking about something: how important is it really to wear a sun hat to protect yourself from the sun? My wife is really diligent about putting hats on our kids' heads when it's sunny. I never really thought about it because for most of my life I've had a thick head of dark hair and have only been burnt on rare occasions. When you have kids though, you have to start thinking like an adult; even if you're already an adult but never thought like one. For instance, if you're obsessed with tanning yourself, like this New Jersey mom, you really ought to think twice about exposing your kids to the negative affects of the sun.  There really is no easier way to protect yourself from the sun than throwing on a hat. You can mess with sunscreen and that is an option but that can be messy and time consuming. It is also something you have to keep reapplying every few hours to keep up the protection. If you wear a sun protection hat it will not only cover your head but the wide brim will cover your back and shoulders a lot while you are standing. Not to mention that a hat has many more uses than keeping the sun off you and out of your eyes. It can also keep you warm at night too besides just keeping you cool during the day. Not to mention that a stylish hat can be a fashion statement and add a very noticeable level of sophistication in a way that no other accessory really can. It's funny when you hear about teens and crazy moms from New Jersey using tanning beds like crazy. I have nothing against a good tan and actually love sitting out in the sun myself. It just seems like I hear more and more about the negative affects of too much sun exposure and skin cancers. Especially if you are susceptible to sunburns and have some of the high risk factors such as light hair, eyes, and skin than you should really think about wearing something to protect yourself from getting burnt. There will always be people that are naturally tanner than you and nothing is really worth getting skin cancer for. The most important thing is always to keep yourself from getting sunburned and a good sun hat is the perfect way to do that if you have to be out in the sun.      
08 May

The Most Popular Hat in the World

The other day I was thinking about hats and got to wondering what the most popular hat in the world could be? I don't just mean which hat is the most well known or famous but what type of hat is worn by the most people in the entire world. It would be much easier to determine what kind of hat is the most popular for specific regions and countries but when you consider the entire population of the world it gets to be a little more confusing. I really didn't have a clue. My first thoughts was that it was between the "Cowboy Hat" and the "Baseball Cap". But then I got to thinking that this was probably a very western centric view and that I needed to open my mind a little and think about the kinds of hats people wear around the world. After all, why would people who care nothing for sports or country music wear either of these hats? I did some research and really could not come up with much until I stumbled upon this article entitled, "The History and Future of the World's Most Popular Hat."  Well, lo and behold my first thoughts were right. According to this the baseball cap is the most popular hat in the world. Of course I don't think that means baseball is the most popular sport in the world or that people who wear baseball caps even like baseball (I know I don't).   So just what is it then that makes the baseball cap so popular?
  • They are comfortable and casual.
  • They enable people to easily express themselves with logos, slogans, and graphics without having to consider how well their hat matches the rest of their clothes or whether or not it is "in style" as for most people a baseball cap is always in style.
  • They do the job of blocking the sun from your eyes well.
  • They are easily worn indoors and while sitting since their is no brim in the back of the hat.
  • They just work.
It's hard to argue against the functionality of the baseball cap and for most people this is of most importance. Even the Navy, Coast Guard, SWAT Teams, and the FBI use them. So while they may not be the most sophisticated or stylish of hats you'd be hard pressed to find another hat with such widespread appeal. So whether you're tracking down international criminals, running the country, playing baseball, or just supporting your favorite cause, feel good knowing you're wearing the most popular hat in the world.
30 Apr

Crazy Kentucky Derby Hats

The Kentuck Derby is coming up in just a few days and while I've never been to one or even watched it on t.v. there is one thing that everyone knows about it: there will be hats. Next to the actual races there is nothing that comes to mind more than celebrities wearing crazy hats while drinking their mint juleps in Millionaire's Row. Surely there will be some derby hats in the audience alongside what look like giant sun hats with crazy feathers and colors on it.  While the women do wear quite elaborate, bold, and gaudy hats, it's the men that I find to be truly entertaining. It's obvious that for most men being the most stylish is not the goal. Being funny and awesome seems to be what is on most men's mind (and on top of their heads). Just check out this gallery here of some of the great hats that men wear. It really got me wondering how much time these guys spend on making these things? I'm assuming that they make them themselves because I'm pretty sure you would have a hard time convincing your wife or girlfriend to make a cowboy hat out of a Coor's Light box. But who knows? Maybe some women are into that kind of craftiness? It's funny how these kinds of traditions last over all these years. It seems like if you can get a whole bunch of people to get together and do something silly together they will make it a tradition and keep doing it for years. As long as everyone is being stupid then anyone can. Not that I'm saying we shouldn't do these kinds of things, it actually looks really fun. It's kind of like being a kid again. If you ever sit around with a bunch of kids and watch the way that they play you'll notice that the most important thing to them is what the other kids are doing. If everyone is doing something they have to do it to. If they can't participate that's when the trouble starts. If all the kids are wearing hard hats except for one there is bound to be trouble. So perhaps silly hats are just a way for grown ups to take a break from being so serious and just play like they used to. If only it was that simple because grown ups have a hard time playing anything without attaching some kind of labels or hierarchy system. But maybe for a day everyone will have fun

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