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Leather Fedora Hats

materials for leather fedora

A select few can pull off an American made leather fedora.  If you never encountered leather fedoras welcome!  These hats are strong, long lasting, and dependable and go on for ages.  Whereas a fabric fedora will break down and wear out in a short amount of time you will still be enjoying your leather fedora. In fact, if you think about it the most famous leather fedora wearers are some of the most rugged and strong movie characters Indiana Jones and Rocky Balboa.  Be sure to check your hat size before you purchase.  Here is a helpful guide on getting the best fitting fedora from hatsrcool.com.  There are two reasons why purchasing a leather fedora from hats r cool is a smart move.  One is our guarantee on all our hats, if you buy a hat from us and you don't want it for some reason we will refund your purchase. See our guarantee in full here. The next thing that makes purchasing a fedora from hats r cool something you can feel good about is that you're supporting American hat makers and a small family business.  Are family ranges age 4-37 and we all help run the business.  If it’s our hat guarantee or the experience you’ll have buying from us, we are sure that you won’t regret your decision to stick with us.