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Leather Fedora Hats

When it comes both to fashion and durability, nothing quite compares to leather, which is why we proudly offer this line of authentic cowhide leather hats for sale.  Strong, long lasting, and dependable, our leather hats are designed to go on for ages.  Whereas a fabric fedora will break down and wear out in a short amount of time, you will still be enjoying your leather fedora for years to come. All of our current selection of leather fedoras are made in the USA by Henschel Hats, a fine headwear creator and manufacturer. We offer both short and large brimmed leather fedoras in a variety of styles including suede, waxed leather, oiled, and smooth leather. Though many consider this collection to be leather hats for men, they are equally elegant as women’s headwear.  So whatever the style of leather fedora, we guarantee you will be pleased with the quality of your new leather hat! It’s our family guarantee that you will be pleased both with the hat and the experience you’ll have buying from us, we are sure that you won't regret your decision to stick with us.

Be sure to check your hat size before you purchase.  Here is a helpful guide on getting the best fitting fedora from hatsrcool.com.


Leather Fedora FAQ

1.What are the differences in Style?

If you're looking for something along the leather cowboy hats look, we recommend the Henschel Brown Oiled Leather Safari Fedora. With the taller crown and wider brim, this rugged hat is perfect for home on the range! If you’re shopping for more of a leather outback hat, the Waxed Leather Safari Fedora is just what you’re looking for. Made of crushable cowhide, this waxed leather hat is designed to withstand poor weather better than our other leather fedoras hats. Our short-brimmed leather fedoras are perfect for an urban fashion accessory. The High Roller, a black leather hat made of high quality garment leather, is the most popular leather hat we sell!

2.How Do you Take Care of a Leather Hat?

The approach you take in caring your new leather hat comes down to your goal. One approach is to let your hat age and tell a story. If it’s your desire for every scuff to add character and a uniqueness to your new leather fedora, there are a few tips you should still follow:

  • Cleaning: Simply use a damp, soft cloth (preferably microfiber) to wipe away dirt. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or soaps on your leather hat, as this can leave spots on the leather, even after it has dried. If your leather fedora is very soiled, you can use a saddle soap to clean the hat or consider taking your hat to a professional cleaner.
  • Drying: Leather garments should be dried slowly, rather than with a blow-drier or in front of a heater. If you’ve just gotten caught in a torrential downpour and your hat is soaked, just set your leather fedora in a room temperature environment with a fan set to “LOW”. This will allow the leather to keep its appropriate chemical structure, rather than affecting things by drying the hat too hastily.
  • Avoiding Over-Dryness: If you purchase one of our garment leather fedoras, you should consider purchasing a leather lotion to periodically apply. This will keep the garment leather smooth for years to come! We recommend Dubbin Leather Conditioner or  Barmah Hats Leather Conditioning Cream. Simply apply the lotion with a soft cloth, using a circular motion  *Make sure you do not apply leather lotion to a suede fedora, as it would negatively affect the look. It is specifically designed for a garment leather hat.
  • Let it Breathe: Leather needs a small amount of air. This will help the hat avoid the growth of mildew. So please avoid wrapping your leather fedora in plastic, as that restricts ventilation.
  • 3.What Should I Consider When Deciding on the Size of a Leather Hat?

    It is important to keep in mind that leather stretches, but it does not shrink. If you’ve ever owned a pair of leather shoes or a leather wallet, you understand what we mean. So if your head size is right in between two sizes, we recommend the slightly more snug leather hat option, as it is more likely to stretch a tiny amount. If you end up getting a hat that is just a little big, you can easily add a small band of fabric inside the inner headband area. And of course, we will gladly help you exchange any hat that ends up not fitting for the proper size.


    Check out our Hat Sizing Guide to get the right fit!