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Civil War Hats-Civil War Caps

Soldiers wearing kepisAs you look down you notice the Civil War hat of a fallen soldier, a Confederate cap lying beside Union hats.  You look out across the battle field to see it is littered with broken, dying men and Civil War caps and hats.  Among the rifles and bodies are hundreds of American Civil War hats each representing a life, a soldier.  You stoop down to touch the rim of the Civil War cap beside you.  It is stained with blood and you say a guilty prayer of thanks that it isn’t yours.

Our fascination with the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil knows no bounds, yet most of us cannot truly imagine the significance of the above scene.  One of the most memorable, touching and exciting ways to experience this era of American history is by participating in a reenactment.  As you will quickly discover, the uniform is an immensely important detail when preparing for a reenactment.  Civil War cavalry hats will add to your reenactment look.  And the Civil War hats you will find at HatsRCool are the ideal way to start piecing together your Civil War uniform.

There are many places you could look for your first or next Civil War caps and hats.  But we are confident that we have the Civil War hats for sale on our site that will compliment an existing collection or delight the first time buyer who simply wants a Civil War style hat. To help assure you that you have found the best place at HatsRCool, we have put together a Q & A to answer all your questions regarding our civil war caps for sale.

- Are all of your Civil War caps made in the US?  Yes of course!  All Civil War caps for sale on our site are made in the United States. Here at HatsRCool we celebrate US companies and products by selling American Civil War hats made right here in America.

- Are your hats authentic to the American Civil War?  The answer to this question depends on your choice of Civil War hat.  We offer the tried and true authentic styles of Civil War caps as well as Civil War style hats that suit the Hollywood take on Civil War headgear.  Our leather Kepis and Slouch hats, while not historically accurate, are a great way to embody the Civil War style in a slightly different way. 

- What materials are used in the hats?   Since we offer only Civil War hats and caps made in America it makes sense that we purchase the leather for our Civil War style hats from an Amish leather tanner in Ohio who takes pride in his work done in the American tradition. Plus the 19 oz or greater wool used in the manufacture of our Union hats or the Confederate cap means they are the high quality you expect from any company with Civil War hats for sale.

- Why should I buy from HatsRCool?  HatsRCool is a family owned and operated company.  From age 4 to age 37, each member of our family helps to keep things running smoothly which allows us to offer you quality products at affordable prices. Plus as we mentioned before, all products you purchase from us are made right here in the USA, even our Civil War caps and hats.   In addition, our money back guarantee offers you peace of mind should any product we ship to you have manufacturer defects.  Please see the next question for specifics on our return policy.  And finally we have the variety and quality you desire in American Civil War hats.  If you have been searching for a Civil War hat or Civil War cap of an accurate historical nature or simply a Hollywood Civil War style hat, you are sure to find it here.

- What is your return policy on Civil War caps?  We have a worry free return policy on all the items offered on our site including Union hats or even a Confederate cap.  Whether you are looking for a civil war cap or and Indiana Jones hat we honors returns made following our return policy.  For any Civil War hats for sale on our site, even Civil War cavalry hats, you can receive your money back in the event the product has any manufacturer defects.  Please see our return policy in full here http://hatsrcool.com/pages/faq.  

P.S.  Don’t forget to choose the right size hat for you and all your family, friends and reenactment buddies.  A warning for those of you who neglect to use our hat chart:  the wrong size on an all but the perfect hat could start a Civil War in your home!  So do yourself a favor and check out this hat sizing guide before you order http://hatsrcool.com/pages/hat-sizing-guide.

- Where can I find a Civil War Reenactment? Check out the two sites below for all things Civil War Reenactment.  Both sites offer a free E-Newsletter, calendars with upcoming reenactment dates and locations and lots more.  Reenactments are exciting, educational opportunities to learn about and experience life and culture during the Civil War era. You might be a seasoned reenactment veteran or a parent who wants your child to remember a history lesson for once.  But whatever your goal, Civil War cavalry hats will get you involved and the Civil War caps for sale here at HatsRCool are just the thing you need to get started with your authentic looking uniform.


Please see our contact information by clicking on the Contact Us button at the bottom of our home page if you have any additional questions.  We look forward to doing business with you now and in the future as you delve into the American Civil War past!