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Civil War Hats

Soldiers wearing kepis
If you're looking for time accurate Civil War Hats we have them.....  Made in America from 19 oz or greater wool, also the leather we use we get from an Ohio  Amishleather tanner who still makes it the traditional way that’s been used before America was even established.  All of our kepis and forage caps embody the historical nature which they were created for.  These caps are for reenactors and collectors in the truest sense. One of the best things about purchasing a civil war hat from Hats R Cool is that we have a great guarantee, check it out here in full.  One last things that makes buying from Hats R Cool such a great choice is that we are a small family business.  Meaning everyone in the family ages 4 to 37 help run the business.  It doesn't get much more old fashioned then that.  P.s. please be sure to check your head size before you purchase a hat we have a chart here for you to use.  If you have any questions just click on the green “contact us” button for assistance.