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Packable Sun Hats

desert sun hat

For those on the move or traveling, a Packable Sun Hat enables you to protect your skin against the sun's harmful UV rays with a convenient hat that regains its shape at any time. All of our Packable Sun Hats have the maximum UV protection of UPF50+ so you know that your head and face are protected with a top of the line sun hat. Hats R Cool only sells high quality packable sun hats, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, see our guarantee in full here. Also, here is a helpful guide to finding your perfect hat size.  The last thing that makes buying from Hats R Cool not only a protective experience but one that you can actually feel good about, we are a small family business.  Everyone helps run the business which is ages 4-37, it doesn’t get more small business than that. We are confident that you won’t regret buying a packable sun hat from us because of the great experience you will have with us and our guarantee if something was to go wrong.    Check out sun protection hats from Henschel, Physician Endorsed and more for well made, fashionable, and functional packable sun hats!